DIY Garden Trinkets & Yard Decorations

We all have those little trinkets around our home, to personalize our space, remind us of memories, or simply to showcase our creativity. But did you ever think of having garden trinkets? You know, cute decorative things that just make you smile? After all, the garden is an extension of the home. (At least it always should be!) So we searched the blogosphere and found you some great ideas for DIY garden trinkets and yard decorations, to add some jewelry to your garden!



DIY Garden Trinkets and Yard Decorations

From ‘Birds and Blooms‘, this DIY dragonfly garden art is the perfect little sparkle for containers, beds, or just for a little whimsy in an unexpected corner. I don’t own a mini torch, but a soldering gun works just as well, and you can find one at the craft store for just a few dollars. These yard decorations can be used anywhere in there garden, but close to a seating area would be magic



‘Crown Hill‘ has a tutorial for these DIY concrete mushrooms that are so cute and easy! I can see a whole tiny field of these DIY garden trinkets in a shade garden…


These DIY rock animals from ‘Your Livable Garden‘ are really cute, and as they mention, an easy project to do with the kids. I like this project, because it’s simple outdoor yard decor. But it also gets you out working with nature itself, creating possibilities with shapes and textures… then all it takes is a little glue to seal the deal! Check out their site to see which glue they recommend.


We found these garden and yard ornaments on Pinterest… if anyone knows the source, please share! But these insulators are easily found at antique and thrift shops, and can be glued onto copper pipe segments, and then insert them into the soil. Easy lawn art idea!


This great DIY garden trinkets idea is from ‘Paradis Express‘… Chicken wire globes with spray paint. The site is in French, but the idea is amazing!


I LOVE these DIY garden things from ‘Instructables‘! Such amazingly cute yard decorations!


From ‘Art Drops‘, these DIY golf ball buggies are quick and creative yard decorations for anyone to do. This site is not in english, but you can either use Google translate, or just follow the photos. They are really pretty self explanatory.


These bowling ball bugs are the same idea as the golf ball ladybugs, but if you don’t want to DIY them, you can purchase these adorable ones from ‘Recycled Smiles‘. This type of outdoor yard decor is sure to make your visitors smile!


From ‘Gardening Help‘, these spoon butterfly yard decorations are made from recycled flatware. Easy and short tutorial!


Make something very similar to these metal lawn art garden spheres from West Elm, with the directions from ‘Retropolitan Hip’!

So decorate your garden with these DIY garden trinkets and lawn decorations! Then jump on over to our posts on Thrift Store DIY Garden Projects and 13 Projects for Backyard Relaxation! And Pin your fa

Image Credits: Birds and Blooms, Crown Hill, Your Livable Garden, Pinterest, Paradis Express, Instructables, Art Drops, Recycled Smiles, Gardening Help, West Elm