Creative Outdoor Ideas

Spring is almost here! Well, in this part of California it feels like spring IS here. No matter what the weather feels like where you live, I think we’re all a little excited to spend more time outside! Today I’ve collected some creative outdoor ideas that you can use this season or all year long. Some ideas are simply gorgeous, others are downright brilliant!

Creative Outdoor Ideas

1. Metal washtub hanging planter

This is so gorgeous, don’t you think? Best of all, it is SO SIMPLE to do! You can even accomplish this look with silk flowers.

2. Chicken Tunnels

The tunnels are like a road network system that chickens are allowed to navigate through and then emerge at their designated “work zone” in the garden, usually an area covered in weeds or an old garden bed that needs some attention.The tunnels are also a great way to keep chickens safe from dangerous critters. However, the older parts of your garden are great for chickens to roam around because there are usually tasty treats for the chickens hidden under the soil just waiting to be scratched up. In return the chickens deposit a little fertilizer and do a lot of the physical work of turning the soil over preparing the garden bed for you. Your chickens and garden will appreciate this outdoor idea!

3. Raised and Enclosed Garden Bed

They are perfect for keeping critters out of your beautiful garden. I just LOVE the front door! Here is a kit from Amazon that includes the materials for building one. With some lumber, chicken wire, staples, and a door, you too can create a raised and enclosed garden bed just like this! (Source Unknown)

4. DIY Outdoor Patio Set made with Pallets

So neat!

5. Disney Garden

Make a Disney inspired garden. So cute! Use some landscaping pavers to create the shape of the Mickey Head. Fill the center with soil, then place some outdoor Disney decorations inside. After that, you can plant whatever your heart wishes! Made by Tiffany Piatkowski.


6. DIY Water Table for Kids

This is made from a thrift store kitchen sink! They used pallet wood around it and even put in a couple of knobs for the buckets on the side. My kids would love this! Made by Heather Toler.

7. Wagon wheel succulent garden

Beautiful idea! (source unknown)

8. Wheelbarrow Succulent Garden

Made by Wholesale Fairy Gardens. Neat!

9. Turtles made with Terra Cotta Pots

You can make them in about an hour because they dry quickly! Use 2-3 coats of green acrylic paint in various shades (get the terra cotta paint here).  The turtle’s shell is made out of a terra cotta saucer (turned upside down).The legs are made out of terra cotta pots. Place the 4 terra cotta pots under the saucer. The face is made with these smooth styrofoam balls.Glue the legs and shell together using a strong craft glue, like this. (by Chef Ping Creates – source no longer available)

10. How To Make A Rock Covered Bucket Planter

Great idea!

11. Cinder Block Bench

Use painted cinder blocks to make a custom bench in your yard. Neat idea!

12. M&M Rocks

paint round rocks to make them look like huge M&M’s outside of your house – cute! Source Unknown

13. Painted outdoor rugs

Great idea! I’m thinking this could work in certain indoor spaces as well.

14. Bicycle Wheel Flowers

Old bicycle wheels turned garden art flowers – cute!

15. Watering Can With Lights

How beautiful is this glowing watering can? You will need a watering can, a hook to hang it on, and some fairy lights like these. Place the fairy lights inside the watering can and pull the fairy light strands through the holes. Watch how we made a glowing watering can!

(Source here)

 16. Terra Cotta Pot Elephant

An elephant made out of silver painted terra cotta pots – cute!

17. Hubcap Flowers

Hubcap flower garden – such a cute idea! (source unknown)

Here is another GORGEOUS and NEAT Hubcap flower idea (source unknown, found on Pinterest). It looks like green garden hoses are used for the flower stems.

Robin Pelto made this hubcap garden! Here’s how she said what she did, “I made some colorful hubcaps & used lathe strips or something a little sturdier for the stems so they could be put in the ground. You wouldn’t need a fence. Here’s another idea I came across using easier accessed materials.” SO CUTE!

19. Painted Picnic Table

Now this is a creative idea! Easy, adorable, and fun for everyone. Via Deanna Smith

20. Stained Glass Bicycle Wheel

This would be beautiful in the garden! Made by Linda Timmons

21. Tipsy Stacked Flower Pots

What a great idea and it doesn’t look too difficult to do! (photo credit: Flickr)